What does monitoring provide me?

By having your alarm or fire system monitored, you are insured that any
time the system goes into alarm the appropriate agency (Police, Fire
Department, etc.) will be notified and dispatched. The monitoring
companies we are partnered with are U.L. Listed stations, which is a
requirement in most areas for fire system monitoring, although it is not for
burglar alarm systems. By partnering with both local and national
monitoring stations, we can offer our clients better pricing for their monthly
fees. All of our monitoring contracts are open to either a month by month
or long term agreement.

Do I have to have my system monitored?

For a burglar alarm system, you are not required to have the system
monitored. Although having your burglar alarm system monitored is
optional, we do encourage all of our clients to use a monitoring station.
However, for fire control systems you are required to have the system
monitored by a U.L. Listed central station.

System Monitoring