Looking for a new Security System?

Whether you are a home owner looking for the added safety of a
burglar alarm, or a business wanting to protect your assets, we are
here to meet your needs!

What kind of alarm system do I need?

Our trained professionals will be happy to come to your location
and evaluate your individual needs. From basic entry and exit
coverage, to high security applications, we will work with you to
define exactly where your needs lay.

I already have an alarm system, but I need
service. Do you provide that?

Yes! We provide full service for most manufacturers alarm systems.
Our technicians will evaluate your current system and provide you
with an estimate before we begin. If your system is not repairable,
we will also provide you with an estimate for replacing it.

Our company uses the same system
corporate wide, but we need someone to
install them in the different locations. Do
you perform that type of work?

Yes! We are happy to provide installation only for commercial
customers. Because each situation varies along with the
equipment provided, please
contact us directly for further details.

Security Systems