What exactly IS a CCTV system?

CCTV stands for "closed circuit television". Generally speaking, it is a camera
or series of cameras connected to and monitored at one location, where the
video signal is not broadcast for "open" use. Over recent years, CCTV systems
have evolved to allow companies to monitor remote locations through the
use of corporate Intranets or even over the Internet through secure viewing

How does it all work?

Camera(s) are placed at various locations of interest and either hard wired or
relayed through a wireless system to a recording unit, generally either a
time-lapse VCR or digital video recorder (DVR). This unit then records and
time stamps the video, and allows playback for the owner.

Is there any benefit to having a CCTV system?

Yes! Companies have utilized CCTV for everything from entry monitoring, to
theft prevention. Private homeowners have in recent years begun
augmenting their home security systems with hard wired and wireless
cameras to help prevent vandalism and break-ins. DVR units can also be put
online to allow users to see the cameras while on vacation over the Internet.

I am concerned that some of my employees
may be stealing, but don't want to alert them by
putting up obvious cameras. What can your
company do to solve this?

Covert camera technology has improved greatly over the last few years, and
is available in a multitude of arrays. Please
contact us directly so that we can
assess your situation, and help you determine the best course of action.

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