What is an access control system?

An access control system is nothing more than a series of devices used to
prevent unauthorized people from entering a specific area. Many of us are
familiar with the system used at security apartment complexes which allow
visitors to "buzz" the persons apartment they are wanting to visit and be
allowed in. Access systems can range from these simple setups to high
security systems that are used by major corporations and the government.

What does an access system provide me that a
security alarm can't?

Although the concept behind an alarm system is similar to that of an access
system, in practice the two are VERY different. An alarm system generally
only works when it is armed, and to prevent the alarm from going off the
system must be disarmed at a keypad or through a wireless key. But there is no
real physical of any door aside from the door lock. An access system,
however, runs 24/7 without needing to be armed and disarmed by a person
when they want to enter an area. Through the use of various devices, the
system either grants or denies access to specific areas depending on the
rights assigned by the system administrator, much like a corporate networks
computers. With recent advances in technologies, users of access systems
can use proximity key cards, magnetic cards, key ring fobs, and a multitude of
biometric readers.

My company already uses an access system at
our facilities, but we need more devices / cards.
Can you provide these?

Generally yes, although some systems are very proprietary. Please
contact us directly for a consultation call to determine your needs, and
what our company can and cannot provide.

For more detailed questions, please contact our
sales department directly.

Access Control Systems